Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Novation Dicer Review

Almost seven years ago, Novation released their mini-controller – the Novation Dicer. It is packed in pairs and is designed to work with Serato Scratch Live, Traktor Scratch Duo/Pro, and Traktor Pro. The dicers are also designed triangularly, which makes them fit in any DJ turntable. Both dicers can also be connected using a USB, pretty much easy to power up!

Aesthetically, the dicers look colorful and fancy. It’s funny how they are designed like a toy, but they are really more than what they look. Out-of-the-box, the dicers will work well with Serato. For Traktor Software, you need to load suitable mapping template first.

Another thing that we love about these dicers is how well they are lit. If you are a DJ and the lights in the halls are currently flashing and becoming dim, the buttons on both dicers have backlights which makes them visible at all times. The buttons are nice, snappy, and very responsive.

Overall, we recommend the Novation Dicer to all the DJs out there who are planning to buy a cheap but reliable mini-controller. These dicers are sturdy and can fit in any turntable setup you may have.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

AKG K812 Review

AKG K812 Superior Reference Headphones 

The K812 Headphones was introduced by AKG three years ago. Until now, it is still being offered to the market. No wonder, because its built is one of the best and many pros are still buying it!

It costs a lot, yes! It is priced for $1,499.00. But don’t worry, because it is really worth every penny from your pocket.

Buy this headphone and you’ll notice how K812 implies real luxury and style! The package includes replacement cables, replacement earpads, and an elegantly curved headphone stand.

The K812 boasts a gigantic 53 mm driver, an ultralight two-layer voice coil, and some impressive specs: 110 dB/mW sensitivity and a frequency response of 5 Hz to 54 kHz. The 26-ohm impedance means it’s suitable for any and all headphone amplifiers. The 3-meter cable has the usual gold-plated TRS mini plug with screw-on 1 /4" adapter at one end and an instrumentation-grade LEMO connector at the left ear cup. All of these and other specs, and yet you can’t barely feel the weight of these headphones during use.

The sound produced from K812 is also defined and clear. If you are a pro or you love creating your own music, consider buying K812 and amaze yourself with its ability to magnify audio artifacts which shouldn’t be there or should be more defined. Use K812 as your tool to dive into the world of your music, remove what shouldn’t be there and make your output more of what you want it to be.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Denon DJ VL12 Prime Review

Most professional DJs know that a quality turntable is needed to really connect them to the music. Earlier this year, Denon DJ announced a new member of their top quality DJ Prime Series – the VL12!

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The Denon DJ VL12 Prime was designed and built with adjustable torque to fit variety of DJ styles. It is also composed of heavy-duty-all-metal materials. It is truly an amazing, complete tool for cutting, scratching, and blending any music to perfection.

FEATURES (From Denon DJ Website):
-          Isolation feet eliminate unwanted vibration and feedback
-          Highest-in-industry 5kgf/cm torque on “High” setting
-          Innovative ‘easy grip/brake’ chamfered platter redefines tactile DJ touch
-          Isolated motor design, for optimal signal-to-noise ratio
-          S-shaped tone arm for accurate tracking
-          Reinterpreted tone arm support with dual-function ‘lock or rest’ feature
-          Rugged all-metal tone arm base and high-quality brushed metal controls
-          2-speed operation 33 1/3rd and 45 RPM (45 RPM adapter included)
-          Adjustable pitch range: ±8%, 16%, 50%
-          Built-in RGB lighting illuminates platter’s edge
-          Color selection and brightness controls

If you are looking for the perfect turntable to match your advanced skills, this is surely a good buy for you! It is currently priced at $899.

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