Monday, June 26, 2017

M-Audio Vocal Studio Review

Do you want to have your own recording studio at home? Check M-Audio’s Vocal Studio!

Yes, this one is old and has been out in the market for how many months already, but it is still one of the best choices for one who wants to record CD-quality audio directly to his or her computer.

Using M-Audio Vocal Studio does not require you to use an audio interface. This is contrary to its successor, the Vocal Studio Pro, which needs an interface to blend audio from different sources. The Vocal Studio set is not better than Vocal Studio Pro, but it is simpler and perfect for artists who just want to record quickly with no special mixing needed.

The M-Audio Vocal Studio package includes a USB Microphone which makes it available for use with any type of computer worldwide. It also includes a table stand and a microphone bag.

To use Vocal Studio, you should install the Ignite Software which is provided by M-Audio. This software has an in-built graphic interface which will surely make you want to explore and experiment new audio directions.

Vocal Studio is really a good buy! The microphone has a great built diaphragm design which makes it capture the subtle voice shades of the performer. It can also be used with any musical instrument. However, please note that you cannot use two USB Microphones from M-Audio Vocal Studio.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

AKG HP4E 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier

Let’s get directly to the point… AKG HP4E is an amazing amplifier that can handle up to four headphones. That’s right, FOUR headphones at the same time. And what’s more amazing is its dual input option and a switch placed beside each headphone jack. Simply plug in your headphones with a 3.5mm or ¼” stereo plug and you can now adjust the volumes for each headset and play some tunes!

The output standard of AKG HP4E is 20-2000 Hertz and has the power to drive low to high-impedance headphone models such as Beyerdynamic, HifiMan, Sennheiser, and Audio Technica. This headphone amplifier can become a best friend to a music and audio device reviewer. It helps a lot in knowing the difference between MP3 and AAC, MP3 and FLAC, and a lot more! This is an amazing tool for AB Testers!

AKG HP4E is built to last. Its housing is a heavy-duty all-metal which makes it feels solid and robust. It also has four little rubber stoppers at the bottom of the unit to avoid sliding off any surface. It is priced for only $99 and can be bought from AKG Authorized Dealers.

Give this amp a try and let this earn a place in your desk. It will be worth it.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Novation Dicer Review

Almost seven years ago, Novation released their mini-controller – the Novation Dicer. It is packed in pairs and is designed to work with Serato Scratch Live, Traktor Scratch Duo/Pro, and Traktor Pro. The dicers are also designed triangularly, which makes them fit in any DJ turntable. Both dicers can also be connected using a USB, pretty much easy to power up!

Aesthetically, the dicers look colorful and fancy. It’s funny how they are designed like a toy, but they are really more than what they look. Out-of-the-box, the dicers will work well with Serato. For Traktor Software, you need to load suitable mapping template first.

Another thing that we love about these dicers is how well they are lit. If you are a DJ and the lights in the halls are currently flashing and becoming dim, the buttons on both dicers have backlights which makes them visible at all times. The buttons are nice, snappy, and very responsive.

Overall, we recommend the Novation Dicer to all the DJs out there who are planning to buy a cheap but reliable mini-controller. These dicers are sturdy and can fit in any turntable setup you may have.

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